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House Clearance in Surrey

Welcome to Coulsdon House Clearance – Surrey’s leading household clearance specialists.

We are the company for any Surrey resident who has ever searched for “house clearance near me”. With decades of relevant experience under our belts, we offer reliable house clearance and rubbish clearance services across the county.

We provide essential clearance solutions to domestic customers and commercial clients alike. You might be downsizing your home and need to get rid of some personal items. You might be a landlord looking for a cost-effective end-of-tenancy household clearance service. Or simply moving some larger items to a self-storage facility. Whatever you need from your local house clearance specialists, we are there for you.

In the years we have been trading, we have earned ourselves a reputation for excellence among our customers in Surrey. They know they can rely on us to deliver quality service every time. We provide thorough household clearance and rubbish clearance solutions across the county. This includes our valued customers in CoulsdonRedhillOxtedReigate, and beyond.

Our Services

House Clearance Near Me in Surrey

As one of the county’s leading household clearance companies, we have much to offer our Surrey customers. Here are some of our more popular services…

When you come to us for our house clearance service, you are dealing with professionals. We can help with any kind of office or household clearance problem. Whether you are emptying out a garden shed, or clearing an entire property prior to a move, we can help. We offer a cost-effective house clearance solution to all our Surrey customers.

It’s easy for rubbish to pile up in your home. It could be actual junk, or just items you have collected over the years that you no longer want or need. At Coulsdon House Clearance, we help you get rid of your unwanted items. If your belongings have a decent resale value, we will even pay you for them.

Additional Clearance Services in Surrey

In addition to our standard household clearance and rubbish clearance solutions, we have other services available to our Surrey customers. These include moving large, single items for you, as well as a hassle-free stairlift removal service. We also perform bereavement clearances for anybody who can’t face emptying the home of a deceased loved one. Call us for more details.

Cost-effective Household Clearance in Surrey

At Coulsdon House Clearance, we always look to offer the best value-for-money to our Surrey customers. It is important to us that no customer goes away feeling short-changed. Perhaps you are getting rid of antique furniture, collectables, white goods, or anything else with a high resale value. In these circumstances, we will offer to buy the items from you.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The majority is taken to a commercial household waste centre (dump) where it is sorted and recycled.  On average, only about 10% goes to landfill.

Yes, we can often offset the purchase of items against the cost of the house clearance making it a more affordable option and as a proportion of the items in a house can often be resold, we can sometimes pay to clear all the house contents.

Where possible, depending on the condition, these can often be passed on to charity shops to sell if they believe the items can be resold.

The cost mainly depends on the weight. An average van load is the equivalent to over 2 Skips worth of contents therefore, we estimate this to be around £350-400 including labour.  As a comparison, the average cost to independently hire and fill 2 suitably sized skips would usually cost over £600 with all labour being undertaken by yourself.

The three most common reasons for a house clearance are:

  1. There are valuable items within the property in question (most properties have items of resale value). We can offer 2 options: To carry out the clearance work ourselves free of charge or we can remove contents that you have already sorted out and pay you a fair and reasonable price for these items by your preferred method being bank transfer, cheque or cash.
  2. You believe there may be items of reasonable value in the property such as furniture, art, electrical items, vehicles etc. In these cases, we can offset the value of some of these items against the cost to clear the property.
  3. None of the property’s contents have a resale value, therefore can be recycled.  The price paid will be dependent on volume and / or weight.

Why Choose Coulsdon House Clearance?

There are many reasons to choose us when searching for “house clearance near me” in Surrey. Here is just a few of them, based on feedback from our customers.

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Why Choose Us

Here at Coulsdon House Clearance, we don’t believe in things going to waste. If we are able to repurpose the rubbish you’re getting rid of, we consider that a job well done. This includes recycling suitable materials, or passing on unwanted items to charity shops. This way, as little of your old belongings as possible ends up in landfill.

Coulsdon House Clearance has been trading in Surrey for some time now. In that time, we have provided essential household clearance and rubbish clearance services throughout the county. We employ our own team of workers, who bring decades of relevant, hands-on experience with them to every job. This ensures a quality service on every house clearance we take on.

If you have ever searched for “house clearance near me” in the Surrey area, then you’re at the right place. Coulsdon House Clearance provides high-quality household clearance solutions for customers right across the county. Our team of experienced house clearance specialists cover a wide area around our Coulsdon office. This includes customers in Redhill, Oxted, Reigate, and beyond.

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